Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Caves: Will Debate Obama Tonight After All

Breaking news is that John McCain has decided to debate Barack Obama in the first Presidential debate in Mississippi tonight, after all. I guess Americans should be thankful that McCain has deigned to do the right thing, and not subvert the election process.

Here's a recap of what happened in the past few days:

1. McCain announced he was suspending his campaign - in order to go to Washington to help with the financial bailout legislation. He also called for postponing tonight's debate.

2. Obama wisely refused to take McCain's bait, and pointed out that a President needs to multi-task, handle more than one crisis at the same time. Obama also said that times like this are precisely when debates are the most necessary, to let people in a democracy know where the candidates stand on the crucial issues, so they can vote informed.

3. McCain went to Washington yesterday, and by all accounts hurt rather than helped the negotiations for the bailout legislation. Lots of calls were heard for McCain to get out of town.

4. McCain blinked today, and will debate Obama on national television tonight.

I hope Americans do not forget what an affront McCain's proposal to postpone the debate was to the democratic process - to our elections, which are the basis of our freedom in America.

And Obama deserves credit for standing up to the considerable pressure to postpone the debate. He acted Presidential in thinking clearly and calmly in this dual crisis - the election crisis as well as the financial crisis.

I hope Obama makes those points in the debate tonight.
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