Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama Does Fine on O'Reilly Foreign Relations Interview; How Would Palin Have Done?

Barack Obama did fine in the short piece of his interview by Bill O'Reilly which was aired on Fox News tonight. This piece had to do with foreign relations. O'Reilly gave Obama credit for being against the Iraq war in the first place, but asked why Obama couldn't admit that he was wrong in opposing the surge, which has worked. Obama explained that the surge indeed has worked militarily, but the Iraqis have still not picked up their political and economic part of the bargain - the U.S. is still spending billions of dollars there. Obama also explained why not taking any option off of the table with Iran, but not tipping his hand as a Presidential candidate, was the best course of action with Iran.

It struck me, watching this interview, that Joe Biden would have also done well in this interview. For that matter, although I disagree with his militarism, John McCain would certainly have been knowledgeable on these issues, too.

But what about Sarah Palin? How would she have done in this interview with Bill O'Reilly about crucial, life-and-death issues for the United States?

That may be the most important lesson of this interview.

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