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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The True Nature of Miguel on Dexter

I knew there was something else, something more, about Miguel on Dexter - something more than his being another brilliant guy in law enforcement who might come after Dexter.

If you think about it, there's been a deep vein underlying all three seasons of the series. In the first season, Dexter's brother, a lot like Dexter, just a slightly but much more evil version of Dexter, becomes his nemesis. In the second season, it's Lila who is the only one who truly understands him.

And now, in the third season, it turns out that Miguel, well played by Jimmy Smits, is not just a DA with a passion for getting bad guys - he's a DA with the same kind of passion as Dexter.

But this raises at least one big question: Dexter survived in the first two seasons by killing the two people who were so much like him. Will Dexter have to do the same with Miguel?

Not mention that Miguel has a reason to quickly turn from needing to hating Dexter - after all, Dexter killed Miguel's brother.

Though, for all we know, maybe for some twisted or logical reason that was just what Miguel wanted - maybe he couldn't bring himself to kill his brother himself. There's always a twisted logical irresistible insane reason in Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter's walking that line, coming always a bit closer to leading a normal life, even as he can never bring himself to leave the satisfaction of his righteous avenger work. He's accepted and is even happy about Rita and his baby. He's even agreed to move in with her. But that's ok. He still has his boat.

And I'll be sailing in here with reviews of every episode from now on.

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dawn said...

I'm finding this season very interesting not quite as exciting as the first 2 but more thought provoking. What do you thinks going to happen to Oscar. This is such a wierd role for Smits