Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heroes 3: Seeing the Future Trumps Time Travel

My favorite part of last night's Heroes was the little battle of strategy between time traveling Hiro and African future-painter Usutu (the new Mendez), in which the guy with visions of the future bests the time traveler. This makes perfect logical sense - what advantage is time travel to the past, if that travel to the past is in your future, and your opponent can see everything in the future you do?

once again gets creds for shrewdly coasting the paradoxical rapids of time travel - and for having another good match-up of super powers.

I was also glad to see Adam Monroe extinguished by Papa Arthur Petrelli, well played by Robert Forster, as I mentioned last week. I didn't much like Adam last year, even though it was good to see David Anders' Sark from Alias back in action.

And speaking of power match-ups, it was good seeing Claire getting the last laugh on the creepy puppet master. Indestructibility is hard to trump.

So we now have the heroes and villains pretty well set, with some powerful people in the middle. HRG, Hiro, Ando, and Claire on the good side (though we saw Claire turn bad in the future), Arthur Petrilli, Knox, and maybe Peter turning bad as the villains, with Mrs. Petrilli, Sylar, and Daphne somewhere in the middle, but closer to good, especially with the Daphne-Parkman alliance. And Nathan and Tracy good, though presently out of commission courtesy of Mohinder, who is scaly and bad - but they have to do something more interesting with his character.

Hey, talking about Mohinder just gave me an idea about Ando - maybe he can go see the doc who gave Nathan and Tracy their powers, and get some powers spliced into his genome ... On the other hand, it's not clear if the powers can be spliced in as adults, and I think part of the appeal of Heroes, and Hiro and Ando in particular, is the one of us, one of them theme of this season.

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