Monday, October 13, 2008

Heroes 3: Hearts of Gold and the Debased

It was great seeing Andre Royo on Heroes tonight, as the vortex-making man with a real heart of gold. Indeed, what Vortex Man did on Heroes tonight may have been the most heroic act in the entire series so far (killing himself rather than letting HRG force him into killing Sylar, who had not done anything wrong as far as Vortex knows). And who better to play this role with just the right sensitivity than "Bubs" from The Wire. Royo also had a brief role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles last year (which wasn't on Fox tonight because of baseball). We could use more of him in any series.

Speaking of The Wire, Jamie Hector was also back on Heroes as his villainous character - but he's mild compared to some of the monstrosities we saw tonight, including an ugly who can make anyone - including a beautiful woman - into his puppet.

We also learned that some Heroes - at very least, Nathan and Tracy - got their powers via genetic instillation of the code which arose naturally in others. This, of course, is the very code that Hiro is trying to recover.

We see Hiro run his sword through Ando tonight - but there most be something more to that - and Mohinder is, alas, now in the category of monstrosities rather than just villains.

But more interesting of all - we meet Papa Petrelli, played by Robert Forster of Jackie Brown and other great fame. We're getting more subtlety and plot twists than just heroes and villains this season...

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