Monday, October 6, 2008

Heroes 3: Costa Nuclear

Time travel's a tricky thing. If the Bennett home, now Sylar's (turned good) home, goes nuclear four years into the future, taking with it all of Costa Verde - because good Sylar went understandably nuclear himself - what can the heroes who are still good, four years back in the past, or right now in our present, do to prevent this catastrophe?

Thus does the fourth hour of Heroes Season Three - actually the third episode, because the season began with a two-hour double episode - re-situate us on the horns of Season One's dilemma, or how to change time and stop the nuclear devastation of New York City not that far in the future. Except, this time, Costa Verde is gone...

And along with it ... Sylar, the good father of a son (named Noah - wow, it be a neat trick in time if somehow he survived and became HRG). And also Daphne, who fast as she is, can't get to the scene fast enough to stop it, nor to escape unscathed. But present Peter survives, because, like Claire, he can't be killed. But ... wait ... maybe that means that Sylar will survive this, too, because he now has some of Claire's power, too.

And while we're on the subject of immortality, how is it that Peter of the future is apparently killed - what happened in four years to strip him of his immortality? (Was the Haitian around?)

Well, one thing that's not too difficult to understand is Mohinder's sad story. Like a fly caught in the flypaper of the classic science fiction movie The Fly, Mohinder's serum not only gives him super powers, but is turning him into a scaly creature. He can barely tell present Peter what happens when he comes to see him.

And Tracy is beginning to make a little more sense, too. She's a triplet, along with Niki/Jessica and a third sister, which explains why she and Niki look exactly the same. Tracy will go on to marry Nathan, and become First Lady to his President of the United States-

But, not if someone in our present prevents that Costa nuclear future from happening.

Paging Hiro ... he saved the world once, sort of. But now Claire may be becoming his enemy, not to mention Ando, not to mention Adam, whom Hiro now diggs up because he needs his assistance.

As they say in Creeque Alley, "Make up, break up, everything is shake up..." The Mamas and Poppas and Heroes...

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