Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.5: Unpacking the Future

Another prime Episode - 2.5 - of The Sarah Connor Chronicles last night, in which we get to see Kyle Reese in the future.

Kyle, of course, is John Connor's father and Derek Reese's brother. He was the heart and soul, in many ways, of the very first Terminator movie. Last night, we get to see Kyle and Derek in the future, along, with Martin Bedell (memorably played by Will Rothhaar).

Bedell is leading a mission to save John Connor and other prisoners. Kyle and Derek are his right-hand men. Skynet would love to wipe Bedell out of existence, so the mission never existed.

Skynet sents an Arnold-type terminator back to 2008 - a very nice touch, since it was of course the original Arnold who was hunting Sarah in the first Terminator movie. Excellent action as young Bedell and older Derek beat the terminator in 2008, with young John Connor's help. Also a fine little time-travel loop here, as the experience of killing this terminator convinces Bedell not to leave military school.

Sarah gets in some good time with another Martin Bedell in 2008 - a younger boy with the same name. I wonder if he'll have some role in the future. And Catherine Weaver reveals herself, once again, as the deadly liquid terminator model she is, while drawing Agent Ellison into the process. (He says "nucular" rather than "nuclear" at some point ... first non-obviously-Republican I've heard say this, but that's another story.)

And in the future ... well I won't tell you what happens to Bedell, if you haven't yet seen this episode.

Suffice to say it's one of the best episodes this season, in what is continuing to be a top-notch season indeed.

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