Thursday, October 16, 2008

106-year-old nun voting for Obama: "He's the Man"

My wife came across this story this morning on ABC. It was also reported a few days ago on CBS. Videos of both are at the end of this post.

Mother Cecelia Gaudette still puts in a few hours of work a day, at her typewriter, at her convent in Rome. She's not a very political person - she last voted for Eisenhower in 1952. But she's voting by absentee ballot this year.

Mother Cecelia is 106 years old. She may be the oldest person to vote in this year's election. "Voting is important," she says in the CBS interview, "because one vote may decide."

She's looking for a candidate who is "able to politically govern."

And she's voting for "Obama - I think he's the man."

Thank you, Mother Cecelia, for your ray of reason and sunshine.

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