Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin on SNL: She's Good as Tina Fey, and That's the Problem

I just saw Sarah Palin in the Saturday Night Live opener.

Palin's skit revolved around the indistinguishability of her and Tina Fey's impression of her. The highpoint was a bit in which Alec Baldwin - Fey's co-star on 30 Rock - mistakes Palin for Fey.

And Palin was excellent. And that's the problem.

Sarah Palin was able to play herself so well on SNL - so well and indistinguishable from Tina Fey - because Sarah Palin is, essentially, a comedienne, a joke.

I mean this, seriously. Palin knows how deliver lines and postures and poses. Whether she is intentionally funny, or just is that way, doesn't matter. Her candidacy and her performance is a joke - on all of America.

Do we really want a person with her shtick - a person whose whole program really has no more depth than Tina Fey's shtick - as our Vice President?

Tina Fey deserves our applause, because her routine as Sarah Palin is a performance by someone who is not running for such high office.

And Sarah Palin deserves what? Unfortunately, not our laughter, but our grave concern.

(Palin also was game for pretty funny Weekend Live skit, later on the show.)

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