Thursday, October 23, 2008

Republican - Party of "Family Values" - Strategist Is Derisive about Obama Visting "Grandma"

I saw this out of the corner of my eye on MSNBC earlier today, and couldn't believe my ears - a Republican speaking with dripping derision about "the outrage" of Obama "taking a 767 campaign plane to go visit Grandma." Keith Olbermann performed the important service of replaying and highlighting this on Countdown tonight - important, because it shows just what low level of humanity some Republicans occupy.

This is a party that regularly trumpets itself as the party of "family values". And its spokeman calls Barack Obama's visit to his gravely ill grandmother, on whatever the plane, an "outrage"?

Brad Blakeman, the Republican strategist who spoke this, did not even have the decency to refer to Barack Obama's grandmother as his "grandmother". What point was Blakeman trying to make - that Obama loves his grandmother so much, that she is someone Obama is so close to, that she is better termed his "grandma" than "grandmother".

It's impossible to get into the mind of someone who in any way would make light of anyone going back home to see his or her seriously ill grandmother.

But what Blakeman said is unfortunately consistent with what I've been seeing and hearing from a variety of Republican strategists and supporters in the past few weeks. As McCain's chances dwindle, these lowlifes lose all pretense of dignity and accuracy. Their opponents become "socialist" and "anti-American," and a man galvanizing the nation in his heroic run for President becomes a target of their abuse and contempt for the way he chooses to visit his 85-year old very ill grandmother.

As I've urged here before, I can only hope that Republicans who are decent human beings read Blakeman and his ilk out of the party.

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