Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.6: Terminator Mom, Human Daughter, Questions

This week's episode gave most of the goods on Catherine Weaver - she's a Terminator, as we know, who apparently killed the human Catherine Weaver and took her place, and killed her husband as well. She did not kill her little daughter, whom Catherine is now trying to raise.

But it's not easy. The little girl realizes her new liquid mother is not affectionate. Catherine - seeing a child psychiatrist (Dr. Sherman, played by Dorian Harewood - always good to see him on the screen) - tries to improve her motherly performance, by summoning or feigning a little more affection for her daughter.

But this raises a question: Why did Catherine the Terminator spare the human Catherine's daughter? Among the possibilities -

1. Skynet wants to learn more about human beings - how to better mess with our minds, and therefore ultimately how to kill us more effectively. And studying a child growing up helps them learn more about us.

2. Some specific and special role is planned by Skynet for Catherine's daughter in the future - or, Catherine's daughter will play some sort of role helpful to Skynet.

3. Catherine is not just a stone-cold killer, and, like Cameron, may have some threads of human emotion entwined in her circuitry somewhere...

Which of the three makes the most sense to you?

Meanwhile, while all of this - including John and Sarah's visits to Dr. Sherman, because his name is on the Terminator target list - is going on, Derek hooks back up with Jesse, who has come back from the future. I don't know, I'm glad to see he's found a little happiness, but nothing good is likely to come of that...

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