Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Come to Andrea Mitchell's Defense in the The New York Post

In case you missed it in the New York Post: my brief defense of Andrea Mitchell covering the bailout story on MSNBC, even though her husband is former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan, who is being blamed in part for the crisis.

I disagree with the Columbia Journalism Review - always a pleasure for a Fordham University professor - and say MSNBC was right to keep Mitchell on the story.

Left out was my point that in this day and age, a wife should not be assumed to have the same opinion as her husband - or to be unable to report objectively on a story in which her husband is a player. Mitchell, in my opinion, is one of the best commentators, reporters, and anchors on MSNBC, and taking her of the story would deprive viewers of her expertize in this area.

My advice to the media: don't worry so much about perceived conflicts of interest. Be concerned, instead, about the quality of your commentary and reporting.

And here I am talking about Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell to Ray Suarez (and mispronouncing Ayn Rand's name) on the eve of Greenspan's departure as head of the Federal Reserve Board in January 2006:
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