Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kudos to Shep Smith for Smacking Down Joe the Ersatz Plumber

I didn't get a chance say this night, with all the excitement of that great Obama-Clinton rally at midnight in Florida, but I wanted to give a shout-out to Shep Smith on Fox for the way he took on, smoked out, and smacked down Joe the Plumber on his ignorant statement about Obama and Israel yesterday.

Someone told Joe the Deadbeat Contractor - he's not a licensed plumber - that he was entitled to have a quotable opinion not only about rusty pipes and maybe making ends meet, but on foreign affairs! Actually, not someone, but John McCain, Sarah Palin, the RNC, and every Republican we've been seeing on television. But as we saw on Shep Smith's Studio B on Fox yesterday, Joe the Plumber probably knows less about foreign affairs than Sarah Palin.

At a campaign rally yesterday, Joe the Plumber was asked if a vote for Obama would mean "death to Israel". He plumbed his vast knowledge of world relations, and said, yes, that was a point that he had to agree with. The man in the crowd asked if he could shake the Plumber's hand.

Shortly after, Shep Smith asked Joe why he would endorse a statement like that. Smith pointed out that Obama has repeatedly said he would be Israel's unswerving defender as President. Joe's answers varied from Joe's opinion didn't matter, to we should look at Obama's actions not words about Israel. And what actions were that? Obama's willingness to talk with the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As Keith Olbermann later pointed out on Countdown - last time I checked, saying you would be willing to talk to someone is speaking ("saying") as distinct from "acting" (actually going to meet with someone).

But kudos to Shep Smith for taking on this blowhard would-be plumber. I've been saying for years that Fox News is not evil incarnate on television. They have a Republican, right-wing bias, which I strongly disagree with, just as MSNBC has a progressive bias which I endorse and enjoy. But not every anchor or commentator on Fox News is Sean Hannity. And last night, Shep Smith was (cue Keith Olbermann voice) one of the best persons in the world.

Added 28 October 2009: See also Shep Smith Speak Up and Does the Right Thing - Once Again
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