Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes 3: Superpowered Chess with Shifting Pieces

A lean, mean, superb episode of Heroes tonight, in which at least half a dozen characters and plot points are moved forward, in an interlocking, irresistible progression in which -

1. Claire and Elle draw closer together, as Claire discovers that Elle is losing control of her electrical powers, just as Claire may be beginning to lose control of hers (she's not feeling pain). Claire and Elle were always good and bad mirror images, in a series in which almost everyone seems to be someone's brother or father, biological or adoptive. But what's also happening this year is the good may be getting bad, and the bad good, even though they seem to be retaining at least a significant part of their original good or bad tendencies...

2. In that same vein, Sylar/Gabriel throws Peter out of the window - in front of their evil father Arthur Petrelli - but Peter doesn't die. And not because of his loss of powers - which Arthur has taken away from him (this is apparently at least one of Arthur's powers) - but because Sylar didn't really want to kill his brother, but enable him to escape. So Sylar in one episode goes from good to bad to ... at least a little good.

3. Parkman, I'm happy to say, is still apparently only good. He gets into Knox's head, and deludes him into thinking he killed Parkman and Daphne, who seems to be good ... yet, by the end of the episode, it seems she may not be.

4. And there's the two organizations - the apparently sorta good Primatech and the apparently bad Pinehearst ... Except, if these companies are anything like the interchangeable heroes and villains, there's no telling where this might end up...

All of which is to the good ... as far as Heroes is concerned. It's developed quite well, especially in this episode, into a complex story of checks and balances and superpowered chess with shifting pieces ...

I'm looking forward to more moves in two weeks and beyond.

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