Monday, October 20, 2008

Question for Republicans: How Is Letting Americans Keep Their Money a "Give Away"?

I just heard John McCain say at a rally in Missouri that what Obama wants is "not a tax cut but another government give-away".

Can someone explain to me how the government having less of a hand in the pocket of all tax payers earning under $250,000 a year is a "give-away" or "hand-out"?

What it's doing is reducing the money that the government is already taking from us. By what logic is allowing 95% of Americans to keep their own money a "give-away"? How can we be "given" that which we already have?

The Republicans of course know the hypocrisy of their "give-away" claims, and the contempt they are showing for the American voter, the bet they are making on the lack of common sense of most Americans. I'm looking forward to Americans standing up and saying they're not going to fall for that kind of blatant misrepresentation and mangling of language, and voting the Republicans soundly out of office in record numbers in two weeks. That would be the true give away - giving Republicans a way to the door.
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