Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brief Review of Jay Leno's Long Return

Jay's return to the 11:30pm Tonight Show last night was better than I expected.

His opening Wizard of Oz skit was funny, and his monologue was edgier than usual, with words like "whore" and "bastard" peppering his jokes.

Brad Paisley did a rousing rendition of American Saturday Night - "It's a French kiss, Italian ice. Margaritas in the moonlight..."  to end the evening.   A fine lyric, good guitar work and singing.

In between, Lindsey Vonn looked good - Jay made sure he showed the controversial Sports Illustrated cover - and Jamie Foxx was even more manic than usual.   In fact, so manic that Jay cracked that Foxx could use an ambien.

So we had an entertaining 60+ minute show, which pushed the boundaries at least a little.   But will it be enough?  Doubtful, because the inexorable demographics of cable and Web mean that, in the months ahead, fewer and fewer people are likely to be watching.

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