Friday, March 26, 2010

FlashForward 1.13: Aaron's Daughter, Mark's Gun, and Magpies

Good FlashForward 1.13 tonight, which moved the story along in two important areas.   The story is that, with one exception (Gough's suicide), the future seen in the flashforwards cannot be prevented.

1.  Aaron Stark's flashforward showed him finding his daughter Tracy alive in Afghanistan - she had been reportedly killed there two years earlier.   When she showed up at Aaron's door alive, if not quite well, a few episodes later, this apparently confirmed the flashforward of her being alive.   But what was she doing in California?   Tonight's FlashForward episode nicely untangled this web.  Tracy is drugged, taken from the hotel California back to Afghanistan.   Aaron is in full pursuit.

2.  Mark Benford's gun is one of the centerpieces of the series.  Nhadra (I think of her as Behrooz's mothers - you'll know why if you're a 24 fan) reports from her flashforward that Mark will kill Demetri (who had no flashforward) with Mark's gun.   The FBI confiscated Mark's gun shortly after, so this seemed to foreclose at least that specific vehicle of Demetri's death.   In tonight's episode, Demetri's fiance Zoey is understandably determined to make sure that Demetri is not killed - her vision of the future is apparently one of her at Demetri's funeral (earlier thought by her and me, apparently incorrectly, to be their wedding).   To reassure her, Demetri takes Zoey to the FBI evidence room.  His intention is to melt the gun with a blowtorch.  But it's missing!

So the pieces of a future that some characters want, others hate, continue to fall inexorably into place.  Meanwhile, on the scientific front, an FBI team is dispatched to investigate the death of crows in Somalia, where a blackout apparently also occurred in 1991.   Watch for more of the "mirror effect" - the capacity of a disparate group of organisms, ranging from great apes to elephants, pigs, and magpies (a kind of crow) to recognize themselves in the mirror (in contrast to, say, a dog, which thinks it is looking at another dog in the mirror).

And I'm looking forward to seeing more of FlashForward in the mirror of ourselves and our speculations that is science fiction on television.

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