Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost 6.6: Sayid the Assassin in Both Realities

Sayid tries, struggles, not to be an assassin in both LA and island parallel realities tonight in blow-torch Lost 6.6.   He fails both times, with devastating consequence for the island.

First - alternate, plane-did-not crash LA reality continues being better for our characters, but far from perfect.  Nadia lives, and Sayid holds her in his arms, but she is Sayid's brother's wife, not Sayid's.  And the brother has loan shark debts.   The brother wants Sayid to use his talent for unfriendly persuasion to get the loan sharks off his back.  Sayid says he's trying to no longer live that life, but-

Sayid's brother is almost killed by the sharks, which forces Sayid back in action.  And tips this alternate LA reality further into the teeming inexplicable intersections of our characters - which, along with this reality being better but flawed, is one of the two hallmarks of this world.  Sayid passes Jack in the hospital corridor - neither knows the other.  This coincidence is only mildly improbable - after all, Sayid's in a hospital, and Jack's a doctor.   But Sayid soon meets the head loan-shark enforcer - Martin Keamy! - who, in our original reality, was stabbed but not killed by Sayid, cruelly killed Ben's adopted daughter Alex, and was killed in turn by Ben.   In better reality LA, Sayid kills Keamy.   And just for good inexplicable coincidence good measure, finds that Jin was being held hostage (Jin, after all, was an enforcer for Sun's father's criminal operations in our original reality).

Up until this episode, I thought the LA reality stories were better than the island's.  That changed tonight, even though the LA story was excellent.

Back in original island reality, Sayid, already denounced by Dogen as being taken over by evil, is having a far more momentous struggle against his assassin ways.   He lose that struggle, too.   Twice.  And with consequences far worse than in good old alternate LA.

First, under Dogen's instruction, Sayid tries to kill faux-Locke/Nemesis.   A knife in Locke's gut has no effect - of course not, you can't kill what's already dead, or a supernatural being, take your pick.   Locke then promises Sayid he bring back Nadia - she was killed, courtesy of Jacob's visit to original LA, last year.  The price:  Sayid must deliver a message to everyone at Dogen's camp: leave or die.  A lot of people leave - including our original 815 stewardess, and the two kids in her charge.

But not Dogen.  He's killed by Sayid,  who also kills Dogen's second-in-command, in the bargain (no loss - I never liked him).

So now evil Sayid and crazed Claire are marching with faux-Locke.   Kate's walking there too, but she doesn't quite know what she's getting into, and is apparently not under Locke's influence (at least not yet).   Kate's motive at this point is likely just that she doesn't want to let Claire out of her sight.

Miles, Ben, and Sun are not under Locke's control - neither are Jack, Hurley, and Jin, on the island, but not now near Locke.

The battle lines are drawn on the island, with just 10 episodes left, and who knows how that will spill over into better but troubled LA, and vice versa...

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