Tuesday, March 30, 2010

V's Back with 1.5!

V came back slashing for the second half of its first season tonight, with a fine episode 1.5 that:

1. Got Father Jack injected with the Visitors' tracking compound - which means they'll be able to follow his every move.  Not good for the good guys.   And, I'm still a little suspicious of the older priest - he may be a Visitor, he did bring Jack to the Visitors' healing center.   On the other hand, he did seem to be praying fervently.

2. Moved Valerie's pregnancy along, to the point where she's craving mice.   Not surprising, since Ryan's the father, and he's a Visitor 5th columnist trying his best to help us.   Valerie's going to the doctor "next week," which should bear some interesting results - unless Ryan can get her to a V-5th-columnist doctor (maybe the one on the ship?), who can lie to her.

3. Got Erica to recruit a leading world terrorist - a British Isles guy (a safe choice for our American audience).   When the human race is in danger of extermination, we need to put aside our differences.

4.  Moved V-leader Anna to select a Visitor stud, the father the army which is now intent on raising to fight the growing human resistance.  Presumably she just needs to be impregnated once - how many of her eggs were fertilized at this point is not clear - and then she'll clone her offspring into an army.   In any case, the mating is a chilling scene, beginning with the stud passing her sniff test, to Anna killing him black widow spider form at the end.

V continues as an excellent, thoughtful, sociologically relevant science fiction tale, worthy of its original incarnation back in the 1980s.

5-min podcast review of V

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