Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NCIS 7.18: Bogus Treasure and Real Locker

NCIS 7.18 spun out a good, picaresque story about treasure in a sunken galleon and various lockers, Davey Jones' and real.   Turned out the coins under water were gold plated, and the real treasure resided in lots of paper money stored in someone's locker.

And the real fun was the alternate team that our NCIS team both tangles and works with.   NCIS has run into a counterpart team in at least one earlier episode, if memory serves, but last night's encounter with the Coast Guard Investigative Services - CGIS - team was longer and better.   The CGIS team is led by Abigail Borin, played by Diane Neal of Law & Order: Special Victims fame, and it was good to see her in action again, especially as an agent not a lawyer.

The pirate motif was tailor made for DiNozzo, who waxes on about pirate movies, and ends the show watching The Black Pirate in the office with Ziva and a big bowl of popcorn.   This has the effect of continuing that spark of more than a business relationship between the two, as well as demonstrating the deepest historical reach of DiNozzo so far.   The Black Pirate starred the original Douglas Fairbanks in 1926.   I can't recall DiNozzi ever talking about any older movie.

Toss in a good scene with Ducky's assistant Jimmy Palmer and DiNozzo talking about the excellent effect of oysters, Gibbs early on telling Abigail that the problem he has with her is not that she got the drop on him in their first encounter, not that she's a woman, but, in Gibbb's words - "I don't know you," a perfect expression of what counts most with Gibbs - and we have an episode of NCIS Jack Sparrow would have enjoyed (he's mentioned in the episode, too).

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