Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caprica 1.6: The Chip and its Roots

The cutting edge of the Caprica story - and the one with most relevance to Battlestar Galactica - is that Zoe Graytone exists not only as a avatar in V-world (as does Tamara Adama, who died along with Zoe in the train blast) but Zoe also exists as the first Cylon, courtesy of a currently unique chip obtained by Zoe's father Daniel.

In Caprica 1.6, we get more of the story of the chip.   We already knew that there was nothing courteous in the way Daniel obtained the chip.   He neither invented nor bought it.   He had it stolen - via Adama's connections - from the Tauron inventor Tomas Vergis's facilities.   Two of Tomas's men were killed.   In 1.6, we learn they were like family to Tomas Vergis, and he has arrived on Caprica to take revenge, to destroy Daniel's dreams, as Vergis puts it.

This could have profound consequences for the series, which go beyond Daniel being threatened by yet another person or group.   Since the Adamas stole the chip for Daniel - Joseph had Sam do the dirty work - the Adamas may soon be right next to Daniel on Vergis's "destroy your dreams" list.   Joseph's discovery last week that Tamara "lives" in V-world is already a reason that he and Daniel could become allies.  Slain daughters in virtual reality is a powerful tie.   But being targeted by the same vengeful Tauron, out to get an eye-for-an-eye not only for his stolen chip but the slain members of his "family," could give Daniel and Joseph even more powerful common cause.

Only three more episodes to find out how this brooding drama of family ties, virtual, robotic, and flesh, resolves itself for this season.

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