Saturday, March 27, 2010

Caprica 1.9: Zoe at Large

Well, in the cliff hanger ending of the half-season finale of tonight's Caprica - episode 1.9 - Zoe's almost at large, that is, out there in the world, out of Daniel's laboratory and clutches, and here's how that came to be:

The military is putting pressure on Daniel to deliver his sentient robots - putting pressure in the form of a tough-ass female colonel, who is also playing footsie with Vergis.   Desperate, Daniel decides to take apart his one prototype sentient robot - aka Zoe, the first Cylon - who maybe now regrets that she outsmarted her father last week into regretfully concluding that the robot was not really Zoe, after all (though, in the BSG/Caprica land, you never really know - maybe Daniel is so far gone that he doesn't give a damn any more about Zoe, precisely because she tried so hard to delude him).   Zoe in Cylon clothing is also desperate - she reveals her true identity to Philomon, who is starting to fall in love with Zoe in V-world.   Zoe pleads with Philomon to help her escape.  Philomon says he will - but calls security instead.  Zoe hurls him across the room, in a fury, which kills him.   We've seen the first human dead at the hands of a Cylon, although mostly unintentionally.

Zoe makes off in a van, and the police/military are after her.   She pulls a Terminator move, and crashes through impossible barricades.   If she's anything like BSG Cylons, she'll survive, but we don't know that, yet.

Meanwhile, Amanda jumps off a bridge (but we don't know if she lived or died).  Clarice steps out of her car to look at Amanda, just in time to save her, Clarice's, life from a car bomb that Lacy ignites (she's forced to do this by Barnabus).  Jason Street from Friday Night Lights almost certainly dies.

The only really possibly good outcome for a character in tonight's episode was Joseph's.   He's finally seen his daughter Tamara in V-world, thinks she's now dead there, too, and may be giving up the holoband and the drugs for a better life back in the old analog world.   He even has a woman - the real world woman behind his avatar partner - who seems to love him.   But given that Tamara is indeed still alive in V-world, this part of the Adama story may not be over yet, either.

I think Caprica has really come into its own in the past few episodes, as a series powerful and intriguing even if it wasn't BSG's prequel.  I'm looking forward to the second half and more.

5-min podcast review of Caprica

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