Tuesday, March 16, 2010

House 6.15: About Taub...

House 6.15's main story was about a high school senior who gets stricken with a strange, deadly ailment - the staple of House - before she's about to fly across the country to go to Stanford.   Turns out she's suffering from an allergic reaction to semen.   The mystery revolves around whose.

The more interesting part of the episode, for me, was Taub and his marriage.  He wife sort of thinks he's having an affair.  He's done a lot of this in the past.  Taub convincing tells her he's not.   Even cynical House is convinced.

But in the very last scene, we see Taub walking away with a nurse or young intern.  They're not explicitly doing anything more than a hand on a shoulder, brief touching.   But we notice it, and House sees it, too.

Has Taub put one over on us, and, even more surprisingly, on House?  What is House thinking as he sees Taub walking away?   That whatever Taub may say or intend, he's still vulnerable to having affairs?  Is House thinking that, damnit, Taub managed to fool me this time, am I losing it?

As I've mentioned earlier, House this season seems nicer, more human, than ever we've seen him before.  Does this means he's more likely to be taken in by someone's - in this case, Taub's - pretense of being good, if that's what it is?

It's always good to see House in some sort of complex evolution.

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