Monday, March 8, 2010

24 8.11: A Nice Twist, A Good Tactic, and Bomb Realism

A nice twist, Jack at his psychological best, and some realism about defusing bombs in this excellent episode 8.11 of 24.

The twist - well- I'll get to that later.

Jack's psychological best: The would-be terrorist in the hyberbaric chamber won't budge - he's determined to kill himself and the knowledge he has of the dirty bomb plot in NYC.   Jack's first move: bring in the suicide bomber's mother, to talk her son out of committing suicide.  Close, but no cigar.  Jack's next move: get the mother out of sight, and tell the suicide bomber that if he sets off the bomb and takes his life, Jack will see to it that the mother dies when the dirty bomb goes off in NYC.   Jack has moved from physical torture to psychological manipulation, and it works!   But-

Realism about defusing bombs:  Although the suicide bomber now wants to cooperate, the bad guys are able to re-set the bomb, and make it go off via remote command.  Which they set in motion.  Jack desperately tries to defuse the bomb.  He knows the general set-up, but, realistically, he's not the world's leading bomb expert.  So, with only seconds to spare, Jack throws the bomber back in chamber, where the bomb goes off and kills just him.  Back to square one?  No. Because before the bomber is thrown back in the chamber, he reveals a key operative in the bomb plot.  Who is -

Now the twist - the "Iranian" President's former head of security, who is now in bed with the President's daughter.  This is a nice twist.  Up until now, we thought this guy was a good guy, wrongly accused and fired by the paranoid Iranian President.  But it turns out this President wasn't so paranoid after all - or, as the saying goes, paranoids have real enemies too.   And this guy is one of them.

So the stage is nicely set for the next hour, which we saw glimpses of in coming attractions taken from various times in the hour.  A fine finishing touch to a fine episode.

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