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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Memo to Cablevision and ABC TV: Stop Threatening Your Viewers and Come to Terms

Noted added 03/07/10, 8:45pm:  Oscars back in NY on Cablevision-ABC, which still owes New York area an apology for loss of 15+ minutes.

Note added 03/07/10, 12:01am:  ABC just went black on Cablevision.   A pox on both their houses!  If service isn't restored in time for the Oscars tonight, I predict consumers will punish both of these greedy corporations and take their eyes elsewhere.

Original post, 03/04/10:

Here in the New York area,  we've been harassed by dire warnings from both Cablevision and ABC-TV about their contract ending this coming Sunday, and our having to do with no ABC-TV if terms are not reached.   At stake are the Oscars on Sunday night, Lost on Tuesday, Grey's Anatomy later in the week, Fashforward later in the month, and, well, you get the picture about the pictures we won't be seeing.

Both sides, of course, say it's other side's fault.   Each points fingers at the other side's greed.   Senator John Kerry has called for FCC intervention.

As most of my readers know, I don't want the FCC intervening in anything.   The agency is an unconstitutional affront to the First Amendment and freedom of expression.

But Cablevision and ABC better get their act together.  The public is sick and tired of being threatened.   We want to watch our television in peace.   And if we don't get it from Cablevision and ABC, we'll get it from someplace else - such as the Internet.

3-min podcast: Memo to ABC & Cablevision: Stop Extorting Your Viewers


Anonymous said...

I, personally have had it! Why is it only cablevision having all these problems. Most of the people on my block dumped them already. I will go elsewhere myself if this is not resolved. I have never seen such problems, I miss the days of free TV! I am sick and tired of cablevision and I could care less about new12!!!!!

Anonymous said...

IMO ABC is the bully here. I don't pay Cablevision to provide me with ABC content - I pay them to provide me with better reception. ABC's content is already free. If Cablevision has to pay for it then we all will have to pay more too.

MindyP51 said...