Monday, March 22, 2010

24 8.13: Chloe, Renee, and Dana!

Well, it was ladies night tonight on 24 8.13, with Chloe, Renee, and Dana each flexing their clout, with powerful consequences for the fate of New York City.

With CTU's electronics knocked out by the EMP bomb that the "Iranian" President's daughter Kayla unwittingly brought in, a clueless, arrogant NSA guy has come in to get the system back up and running.  Chloe has a better idea.  The suit disagrees.   Chloe calls Renee (more on her soon), who tells Chloe to do whatever it takes to get the system back online.  Chloe appeals again to the suit.  He's not moving.  So, Chloe pulls a gun on him.  Sweet!   And when he goes crying to Hastings, who is advised by Dana not to go with Chloe's plan, the suit finds out just what Hastings (one of my favorite 24 characters) is made of:  Hastings backs Chloe!  Sweet, again!

Meanwhile, Chloe has told Renee that Jack is in danger, and where about he may be.  Jack, Cole, and two other of our guys are out-positioned and out-gunned.  Jack tries a Roman testudo formation - use your shields to form a slow-moving turtle-like formation.   Jack uses the sides of cars as the shields, and the formation is working, until one of the guys panics and moves too quickly.   He and the other new guy are pretty soon killed.  Jack tries a suicide move to let Cole get to the telecom - a wall phone - and he's on the ground, his head in one of the terrorist's gun sights, when-   Renee kills that terrorist!  Another sweet move!

What happens with Dana is not so sweet, but even more surprising.  You know why Dana did those bad things earlier on in the story, why she didn't back Chloe on the tech fix tonight?   Turns out Dana was never any good in the first place - she's the mole inside CTU, working with the terrorists.   She kills the marshal who was looking into her former cheap-punk girlfriend, and now she's going to escalate her work with the terrorists.  Poor Cole!  But good writing in now putting the whole Dana story into context.

As I said last week, now that's an episode of 24!

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