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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost 6.8: The Third Team

Another superb Lost - 6.8 - tonight, as the story just gets better and better.  This one centers around Sawyer and his deceptions of others, in both realities.

First, in better LA:  Sawyer is a cop, not a con-man, looking a little like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.   He's kept his James Ford name.  He chose the cop over criminal life, because, after all, this is better LA.  His partner is Miles (first intersecting character), who helps set Sawyer up with a gorgeous red-head:  Charlotte (second intersecting character), who looks better than ever!   She and Sawyer sleep together - still a much better LA.  But she's on some kind of mission, some kind of spy - working for who, Widmore, but why, in this reality?  Sawyer gets furious when he finds her going through his files, with photographs of parents and him as a kid, behind his back.  He throws her out.   Ok, this is a better reality, not a perfect one.   But a few beats later, he and Miles apprehend another beauty: Kate (third intersecting character) on the run in LA.   (And in the just for good measure inexplicable intersection of characters, Sawyer the cop encounters Charlie's brother, looking to bail Charlie out of jail.)

Back in island reality, I've just to mention that Terry O'Quinn is giving a fabulous performance as faux-Locke/smoke monster.  He's 99% just like real Locke, and puts an enormous amount into the 1-percent difference.  Josh Holloway as Sawyer was better than ever tonight, too.

Anyway, back on the island, faux-Locke sends Sawyer on a mission: scout out that island across the water.   Sawyer eventually meets face-to-face with Widmore on the sub, and offers to work for him, to get Locke, in return for Widmore helping Sawyer and his friends, whoever they may be, off the island (I'd say, at very least, Kate, Hurley, Sun & Jin, and maybe Jack, if he wants to leave).   Sawyer's very convincing.

But back with Locke, Sawyer says he's just setting Widmore up for Locke to kill him.   Locke apparently believes him,  as did Widmore on the sub.   But then, alone with Kate, Sawyer says his real plan is to have Locke and Widmore fight it out, while he and Kate (and presumably Hurley etc) escape on the sub.

So, what does that leave us?   Last week, we had but two teams, Locke's vs. Jack's, with the status of Sawyer and Kate not yet determined.   Tonight, we have a third team with Widmore, and maybe a fourth team with Sawyer et al escaping, though could really be just part of the second team (or the first team, depending how you're counting) of Jack, Hurley, etc.

And regarding Sawyer's convincing deceptions, who really believes him?   Widmore's a pretty smart guy, is he really taken in?   Locke/smoke monster is way beyond smart - hard to believe that he'll fall too long for Sawyer's set-up?   And what about Kate - is Sawyer deceiving her, too?

I've always liked Kate and Sawyer better than Kate and Jack as a couple, so I'm most believing what Sawyer said to Kate on the island.   But what a tangled web Sawyer's weaving ...

And he and Kate may be just getting started in better LA.

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