Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost 6.10: Cloudy Sun

Alternate better-LA reality in Lost 6.10 was scarcely better than island reality, which added up to one fine episode.

Both realities focus on Sun and Jin.   In L.A., we find they're not yet married.   We know that something no good is going to happen to Jin, because we saw him being held by Keamy at the end of 6.6, in which Keamy is dispatched by Sayid.   Tonight, we have the pleasure of seeing Sayid give Jin a razor so Jin can free himself.   Jin then shoots and kills Mikhail - tonight's one new intersecting character (I wonder if he'll rise from the dead as back on the island - probably not).   All of that is good.   But in the struggle with Mikhail, Sun is shot - in the stomach.   And she's pregnant (she was about to tell Jin in the hotel room, after a very tender love scene).   This is what I meant about alternate-better LA reality being not so good tonight.

Sun's pregnancy, now in serious jeopardy, also raises some serious questions.   Sun and Jin in the hotel room could not have been the first time for them - though it seemed pretty new for them - if Jin is the father.   That presumably is the case, for why else would Sun have wanted to tell Jin?   But, unless this L.A. reality is also different prior to L.A. - which has been the case for other major characters - then Sun in L.A. has also been sleeping with the other guy back in Seoul.

Meanwhile, back on the islands, we find that Widmore knows how to lock-out faux-Locke - Widmore set up some pylons on the shore.    Widmore is sure that if faux-Locke gets off the island, he'll kill Penny and Sun and Jin's child and who knows who else.   Desmond will apparently play some crucial role in this - we see him in Widmore's facility in the last scene.

So where do we stand in the looming battle for the island, and indeed, maybe the world?   Widmore vs. faux-Locke, for sure.   Sawyer made clear in his episode a few weeks ago that he's on no one's team, though he cares about Kate.  Claire's still out to get Kate, and f-Locke tells Claire he still needs Kate, but once she serves her purpose - attracting more people to leave with f-Locke - Claire can do with Kate as Claire pleases.  And Jack will oppose faux-Locke, but to what extent will he work with Widmore?  Should be some good final episodes ahead.

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