Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24 8.12: Quadruple Twist

Cable service is down here in Westchester, NY - a ferocious rain over the weekend took down some big trees which took down some wires - so I'm a little late with this review of 24 Episode 8.12, which I just saw on wisevid.com and -

I don't who's saying this season of 24 isn't up to par, but tonight's episode is right up there with the best of the entire series.

The best action revolves around the quadruple-crossing "Iranian" President's former head of security.  At first, a few episodes ago, we thought he was a good guy wrongly suspected to be a traitor by the slightly paranoid President (who has hair, by the way, that can stand up to Steve McGarret's).  Then, last week, we found the former head of security really was a bad guy, working with the guys who want to set off a radiological (dirty) bomb in New York City.  Tonight, he turns again and rescues the President's daughter from the clutches of the bad guys, gets shot and killed in the process, and she escapes in a car, following his last instructions, to get to CTU.

But it turns out he's a bad guy, after all.  There's a bomb in the car, and the real plan was to get her and the bomb into CTU headquarters in NYC, where it will take out our apparatus for detecting radiological material coming into the city.   And in as powerful and expected a scene as has ever been on 24, the bomb goes off ...

Not clear, at this point, if any of our major characters have been killed, but the place is in ruins.  The only slight benefit out of all of this is that maybe the bomb got the marshal or whoever he was at CTU, pressuring Dana to tell her whole story about helping her former boyfriend (who beat up a cop, stole a lot of money, etc).   At very least, the explosion likely destroyed the evidence against Dana.

But Jack and Cole are out in the city, driving blind, and the terrorists may have a open gate ahead for the dirty bomb they're bringing into the city.

Now, that's what I call an episode of 24!

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