Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NCIS 8.15: McGee and DiNozzo's Badges

That's what Leon told Gibbs he would have - McGee and DiNozzo's badges - if the mess they were in wasn't soon resolved.

Let's look first at the mess.  We see in media res at the beginning of this fine episode 8.15 that some violent event has gotten the better of DiNozzo and McGee. This would be that the hot daughter of a central European leader has been kidnapped, as a way of getting him not to sign an important treaty.  (There's a great scene earlier with a stand-in for Hillary Clinton who looked 99% just like her.)  The kidnapping took place when the daughter sent DiNozzo out to pick up some salad, and McGee was a little distracted just before by her kissing him.

Turns out the daughter was behind her own kidnapping, which gets even more out of hand, and threatens her own life.   Leon was justified in being upset -  but even after the case is solved?

Which gets us to the deeper story tonight:  Leon's been increasingly unhappy, ever since he was almost killed along with Ziva's father's bodyguard who was, earlier in the season.   What's not clear, but no doubt provides to clues to the rest of this season, is why Leon keeps directing his anger at Gibbs.

Gibbs has tried a few times, in his generally few-words way, to find out what's really eating Leon, but to no avail.   And the last scene tonight said it all: with everyone joking around in the normal post-case-cracked mode, Leon shoots Gibbs a look with daggers in the eye from the balcony.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing those daggers thrown before too long ... a little after we find out why.

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