Friday, February 18, 2011

Fringe 3.14: Amber Here

Another great Fringe tonight - 3.14 - focused on breaches between the two realities, what causes them, what can be done about them.

We already know that the primal cause was the tear Walter made when he went over to kidnap Peter.   Tonight we find that sheer missing someone - when a wife loses her husband on this side, the same husband loses his same wife on the other side, after both couples have been married a lifetime - can create a "soft spot" in the space-time fabric separating the universes,  leading to a destructive vortex.

One way of bandaging the breach, as we've seen on the other side, is to freeze or suspend it in amber.  But this takes not only the hole off the table, but every living human being inside the amber (which is why the other side declares them dead).

Walter has just about invented the amber over here, and gives it to Broyles to use, but Peter and Olivia have perhaps come up with another solution:  if they can get the widow (given a great emotional rendition by Phyllis Somerville) over here to realize her husband on the other side is not really her husband, then maybe she'll give him up, which will heal the breach in the universes.   Peter and Olivia's best persuasions don't seem to be working, but when the alt-husband mentions something about children - the couple never had kids over here - that makes the widow realize that she has not really been in touch with her husband, after all.

The breach repairs,  and that's about the happiest ending we'll see on Fringe, with the additional plum that Peter and Olivia end up making love.

But a final scene on other side with Fauxlivia and her boss going to their version of the couple, with the husband not the wife alive (and perhaps thinking Fauxlivia looks familiar, since he just saw Olivia through the rift),  reminds us that Fauxlivia is pregnant with Peter's baby ...

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