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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bones 6.14: Bones' Acting Ability

Bones' acting ability - not Emily Deschanel's, which we know to be winning - gets the killer to confess on Bones 6.14 tonight, as Bones (1) lies about DNA and (2) stirs up the killer's emotions.  Otherwise, there were good performances all around, and just about everyone winds up happy on Valentine Day's night, including
  • Cam and her doctor friend, who buys her all kinds of roses
  • Hodgins and Angela, who were happy already, but Hodgins sweetens the deal by giving her a mold he genetically engineered to smell like rose (a rose by any other name)
  • And funniest of all, Clark and his lady, for whom he dresses up as some kind of Cupid, and gets off a good line about where his arrow is ...
And what about Bones and Booth, you may ask?

Well, the good news is that she says no to every guy who calls her on the phone, and ends up spending the evening with Booth.   Not over dinner or even a drink, but at the police shooting range, where they happily fire the Tommy guns that Bones gives Booth as a Valentines Day present.

Thoughtful on Bones' part, given that Booth has said that Valentine's Day now most reminds him of the Valentine's Day Massacre.   If Sweets were observing - he mentioned something about Daisy, but we don't see them together - he might say about Bones and Booth on the range that it's good that they're at least getting this, the recent past, out of their systems.

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