Friday, February 25, 2011

V 2.7: Lisa and Diana

The relationship between Lisa and Diana - grand daughter and grand mother - continues to grow in V 2.7.   But that look on Diana's face at the very end of the episode shows that she may have something more in mind.

The bond between the two is hatred of Anna - mother to Lisa, daughter of Diana - or, if hatred is too strong a word, certainly a recognition that both would do well by limiting Anna's powers.

Lisa's reasons for wanting to do this are clear.   Lisa is sick and tired of Diana trying to dictate her love life and every other part of her life as well.   Diana's reasons are at first glance equally clear - she doesn't like Anna's relegation of Diana to the dungeon of the ship.  But on closer scrutiny, we realize that we don't much about Diana at all, in particular not much about why Anna turned against her mother.

In the original three V television shows - the original mini-series (1983), the Final Battle (1984), and the single-season full-length series (1984-1985) - Diana was a ruthless, highly intelligent, literally blood-thirsty queen (the Visitors in those days actually consumed not only rodents but humans).   How that Diana ever let her daughter get the better of her needs to be explained.   We know that the current Diana is a believer in the power of human emotion, and possibly that emotion - human-like love, in particular - clouded her originally cold reptilian judgment, in particular when her daughter Anna was concerned.

The conversion is all the more important to understand, with Jane Badler giving Diana the same impressive performance in the 1980s and current versions of V.   She certainly seems to me like the same pers-  reptile.

One other note about last night's episode:  What's Ryan doing back alive?  The last we saw him, he was on the inside of a building that blew pretty badly up.  This is the second time in recent weeks that a major character has come back from the apparently dead (the first was Marcus).   One of the problems with V the full-length series in 1984-1985 was how major characters were killed off just about every week.   The current V may have the opposite problem this season, with characters against all odds and reason refusing to die.   Come to think of it, this season began with Joshua getting an unexpected ticket back to life, too.

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