Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NCIS 8.13: The Wife or the Girlfriend?

NCIS 8.13 presented a good classic whodunit last night, regarding the killer of a Marine, pretty badly stabbed as well as murdered, and discovered by a dog.  The victim was a brutal guy who beat his wife, also a Marine (Gunnery Sergeant Georgia Wooten), and he had a pregnant girlfriend (Jancey).   Each had reason to be jealous and hate the victim, Sgt. Travis Wooten.  The question is who did the killing?

Georgia Wooten is played by Christina Cox, who played an heroic Secret Service agent on 24 last year.   She's tough and vulnerable at the same time, an appealing combination for this kind of character.  Jancey, played by new comer Olivia Taylor Dudley, is mostly vulnerable but appealing, too.  She and Travis were fighting at the bar, and she claims she didn't know he was married.   Two women with strong motives for murder.

Gibbs the master interviewer questions them both.  Evidence comes in in an alternating pattern that implicates one, then the other.   And the killer is?   Neither, as one would expect in a good detective story.

Meanwhile, McGee becomes the McVictim of an identity theft, and the thief is not DiNozzo, whose cinematic riff of the night comes from Apocalypse Now, in this case, "I love the smell of fresh felt in the morning."

Now, this is the second time I've heard something about a fabric beginning with f on a television drama in the past two-three days.  The first was in the finale of Downton Abbey on PBS on Sunday, where someone said something about "flanneling" another character, signifying (this is 1914 in England) what we mean when talking about snowing someone.   Pretty cool, huh?  Ok, I won't flannel you, I'll likely be reviewing the next episode of NCIS before Downton Abbey, but I'll try to review Downton Abbey here soon, too.

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