Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Love 5.5: Barb's Deal

Big Love 5.5 on HBO last night with packed with all sorts of important developments, but the most important concerned Barb, and her future with the family.

We last saw Barb - at the end of episode 5.4 - taking over as Bill's intern, after she dismisses the backstabbing (to Bill) and disrespectful (to Barb) original intern.   Who'd have thought Barb would end of continuing on the job, but that just what she does, as Bill assumes his elected post after being sworn in.  Barb has mixed feelings about the job, and that's about the best thing that happens to her in this episode.

Nikki soon comes to Bill with an excruciating situation:  In order to protect Cara Lynn, Nikki needs to adopt her.  But this requires a legal father, presumably Bill, except he's legally married to Barb.  The upshot:  Bill would have to divorce Barb and legally marry Nikki!

Now, the family would of course continue living just as they now do, but, even so, divorce would an unwelcome trauma to Bill, not to mention Barb.   But Bill's seriously considering it.  Barb doesn't reject it out outright, but she says she needs time to think about the whole situation.  Nikki of course is deeply pleased to have an occasion to move Barb and Bill apart, and get closer to Bill herself.

Barb has the additional complication - about as profound as it gets - of struggling with her welling belief that she can be a priest holder.  Bill has already ordained Ben, and may be even more upset about Barb's priest holder claims than he is about the possible divorce.

Bill thus is in the mold of many revolutionaries - they are conservative about anything not already in their revolutionary agenda.   But he realizes that going ahead with the divorce makes no sense.  And as for the priest holding-

But before that part of the drama is played out, Barb at last takes matters into her own hands, and tells Bill: we need to get divorced!

Is this purely a response to the Cara Lynn adoption, or is Barb saying more here - that she can't stay married to Bill, ultimately in any form, if he stands in the way of her fulfilling her priest-holder aspirations.

We shall see ...

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