Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Love 5.6: "I'll Be There"

A hot scene at the end of Big Love 5.6 tonight, as Rhonda seduces Ben, giving a sultry rendition of Gerry and the Pacemakers' "I'll Be There," as she struts her stuff in a strip club.  Rhonda had previously shown her musical acumen with a fine version of "Happiest Girl in the U.S.A" a few seasons ago.   Daveigh Chase does her own singing in this role, and she does a fine job, indeed.

Ben is kept honorable in these circumstances, with his girlfriend Heather breaking up with him just before he goes to see Rhonda.   And this isn't the only place love, ethics, and sex are at play tonight.

We learn that Cara Lynn has kissed her teacher before, and tonight they not only kiss (and perhaps/likely more), but he confesses he's falling in love with her, and Cara Lynn later seeks counsel about love from Margene.

Meanwhile, the religious tensions are boiling over, as the LDS releases a statement castigating what Bill is doing - calling his religion Mormon, and coupling it with polygamy.  In this instance, although my sympathies usually are with Bill, I think both groups have some right in the matter.  Bill is right to insist on calling his polygamous religion Morman, since the religion did start that way.  But the LDS position is understandable, given that the LDS has worked so hard to separate its mainstream Mormon religion from its polygamous past.

Throw into that dangerous brew the fact Albie is literally gunning for Bill, and Barb's mentor in her seeking to be a priesthood holder is a lesbian, and we have a concentration of volatile ingredients for the rest of this final season.

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