Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Does This Guy Sound Like Early Beatles or What?

I bumped into this video by Paul Messis on George Cannon's Way off the Grid Radio page. I was drawn to it, because I wrote a song, years ago, also called "Time Will Tell".

But Paul Messis's song is completely different and a lot better. And his sound - especially that base guitar and harmonica - is about as early Beatles sounding as any group I've ever heard, other than the Beatles.

The video, by Glenn Prangnell, is also just perfect. Sweet, cool, sharp, well performed, well cut, and Katie Herbert and Samira Larouci are irresistible complements to Paul in their mod parts.

Yeah!  And this is from August 2010!

PS - George Cannon just told me that Paul Messis told him that he was going for "A Hard Day's Night" feel in the vid, which was all his idea. Great idea, smartly realized!
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