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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bones 6.13: The Marrying Kind

Well, I said in my review of last week's Bones that Booth would never put the ring on Hannah's finger, and I was right ... but, will that be enough to satisfy the Bones-Booth true believers?

How it started:  Sweets, drunk, decides he wants to get a ring for Daisy - he loves and wants to marry her.   Booth, almost as drunk, sitting next Sweets, decides to do the same for Hannah.   Sweets is actually doubly to blame for this.  He not only sets the example, but chides Booth when Sweets says he doesn't want to end up like this, that is, Booth's age and unmarried.

What happened in between: A good story about an Evel Knievel-type guy found dead on a rooftop.  Angela helps the most with some projections of what motorcycles can do, and the killer turns out the least likely among the dare devil bikers (which, if you watch even a moderate amount of television, makes him the most likely).

Back to the ring:  Sweets and Booth in a jewelry store.  Sweets first has second thoughts because the price of the rings is too high.  But what's really going on with Sweets is that the emotional price of marriage is not what he wants to commit to just now.   (Realizations when drunk are always suspect.)  Booth, however, has no such misgivings, and buys an eye-poppingly expensive ring for Hannah.  Just for good measure, it's non-returnable.  (What kind of store is this, anyway?)   Non-returnability is always a tip-off that the buyer will come to wish he or she could return it.

The denouement: Booth proposes to Hannah.  She's says no, she's "not the marrying kind".  (Girls just wanna have fun.)   After Hannah leaves, Booth throws the ring into the river or pool.  These leads to a superb cut from the diamond gleaming in the water to the lamplight outside of the tavern which Booth's walking into.   Bones soon joins him.

Coda: Booth feels terrible - he wanted in his life to marry three women, none wanted to marry him.  Bones - 2nd in this series - tries to comfort him.  Booth says he's happy to work with Bones as a partner, but nothing more.  If Bones can live with that, fine; if not, she can walk out the door.  Bones asks if those are the only two choices.   Booth says yes, just those two.  Bones logically says in that case she'll stay as Booth's partner, and she orders a drink.

My take:  Bones should have at least hugged Booth, to further comfort him, and that might have sped things up.   We certainly don't want to see Bones and Booth to go back to square one on this.   But there's really no way they can.  Bones now knows how she feels about Booth.  It's just a matter of time until they get together ... But, wait a minute, isn't that square one?   No, because Bones is more open now to being with Booth ...

As long as she's not involved with someone else ....

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