Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V 2.5: Chess Game with Two-Edged Pieces Continues

Excellent V 2.5 last night, in which the deadly chess game continues between Visitors and humans, with a least one piece in the game wheeling around and playing for the other side.

The action centers around Anna's dedication of a new Concordia center in New York City, one of a world-wide network of centers dedicated to helping we humans find jobs in this troubled economy. (You notice how last year the Visitors were bringing us health care, whereas this year they say they're bringing us jobs? At least jobs are something both Democrats and Republications want to get for Americans in our reality, so painting this tack on the Visitors cannot be seen as an attack on just Obama, which the health care last year certainly could have been seen as doing, and I was less than thrilled about.)

Anyway, Anna of course cares no more about jobs than she did about our health - she's using Concordia as one of the vehicles along with the Red Sky to somehow impregnate human women with Visitor offspring. Knowing this on some level, and hating Anna for what she's doing to his daughter, Ryan brings Eli to a meeting with Erica, Jack, and Kyle, with a plan to at least temporarily combine the two groups, in order to assassinate Anna at the NY Concordia dedication.

Kyle of course immediately agrees, Jack of course does not - he cannot countenance the loss of innocent life - and Erica, with the swing vote, says no for the same reasons as Jack. But Anna tightens her grip on Tyler, Erica sees things differently, and oks the hit. Jack, now risking Vatican sanctions, is willing to play a part by stirring up people at the Concordia event to distract the FBI.

The plan would have worked - except that Ryan, the 5th columnist Visitor who set the assassination plan in motion, has a change of mind and warns Anna. He's concerned that Anna's death would deprive his daughter of Anna's healing "bliss".

Marcus goes up instead of Anna, and he's seriously wounded as Kyle manages to get off a pretty good shot, with Eli and Erica's help in an exciting moment. Marcus is now in critical condition, and I hope he lives, because I think in some ways he's a more interesting character than Anna.

And the tangled web on V continues to be pulled ever more tightly ...

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