Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V 2.6: Double and Triple Agents

Some profound changes in the V 2.6 last night, as Anna engineers what she hopes will be a total death-blow to Eli's group.   She of course manipulates the FBI into staging a raid on Eli's headquarters, and salts the roof with Visitor snipers.

By the time the dust has cleared, not only is Eli (heroically) dead, but so is Tyler's father Joe (also heroic) and Ryan (not so heroic, he's tied up in a chair, after Eli took him into custody).   Ryan's death should have a been a bad blow for Anna, depriving her of her best double agent.  But-

Kyle has now gone over to the V side.   That's right, Kyle, the most vehement and violent of the anti-V fighters.   Why?  Because Anna can reunite him with his wife, whom he thought was lost for good.  I'm not sure I believe that Kyle would go over to Anna, assuming that's what's actually happening.  Given Kyle's implacable hated of the Visitors, I'm half-expecting Kyle to turn into a triple agent, and at some point strike back at Anna.

Meanwhile, speaking of hatred, the killing of Joe has ratched up Erica's fury at the Visitors.   Eli has bequeathed her his violent 5th Column, and she's emotionally ready to take this up.  Fortunately, the FBI, seeing her almost killed in the attack and crying over Joe, is convinced, at least for now, that she's just FBI not 5th Column, and Erica now has Jack as a soldier, since he was turned out of the priesthood.

But Erica also has Kyle, now working for Anna, so the future of her prospects are still very much in doubt...

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