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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bones 6.12 Meets Big Love

So far on Big Love, Bill Henrickson has stirred up some mighty tensions, even fury, with his three wives, but he's still alive.   The man with three wives on Bones 6.12 is not so lucky.  But, then again, Bones is about bones, and usually with little or no flesh upon then, so the state of the polygamous husband should be no surprise.

The situation is indeed more extreme on Bones, because the sister wives were sisters - siblings - before they were married to the same man, and this makes the killer a logically deducible choice.  What one man would be the most aggrieved by another man marrying three sisters while all are alive?

The conflicts in polygamous marriages - at least, according to Bones and Big Love - often come from the husband favoring, or being perceived as favoring, one of his wives above the others.  This leads to Booth discoursing to Bones that a man with multiple loves always loves one the best.   How would he know that, Bones asks?  He just knows, Booth says, looking across the room at Cam and the guy she is realizing she loves, and then Booth quickly looks at Bones, but she doesn't quite see it.  Good news, especially following the meaningful gaze Booth gave Bones across the street last week, but then what's Booth doing picking out a ring for Hannah in those coming attractions for next week?

My prediction:  he'll never put that ring on Hannah's finger.   Maybe, if Bones and Hannah and Booth were polygamous, he might.   But Bones after all is not Big Love.   Which means there might be plenty of copulation - which Bones had plenty of good scholarly riffs on tonight - but ultimately only one woman for one man.

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