Wednesday, February 2, 2011

V 2.4 at the Vatican and Mossad

V 2.4 continues to move into risky, controversial territory, with an episode that brings Anna to the Vatican, and just for good measure, thrusts Erica into an uneasy alliance with a former Mossad (Israeli intelligence) agent.

The Vatican trip continues Anna's quest to learn all she can about the human soul, so she can exterminate it, and with it the presumed source of human emotion, which she is afraid will infect her.  In round one of her visit, the College of Cardinals rejects Anna's request that the Vatican restrain priests like Father Jack, who has been speaking out against the Visitors.   In round two, Anna blackmails the College into supporting her request, by threatening to dazzle the human species with daily or more often "miracles" such as blue energy.   Not a very flattering portrayal of the Church, thus far.

But there is a priest at the Vatican who see things differently - turns out he's a Visitor from a few years back, tasked by Diana to find out about the human soul, and what he's discovered is that the soul could be the most wonderful gift that humans could give to the Visitors.   Rather than attempting to eradicate the soul, the Visitors should nurture it in humans and do what they can to cultivate it in themselves.   Anna has no intention of doing this, and plans to torture the Visitor priest into telling her all he knows about human beings.  But before she has a chance to do this, Diane mercy-him kills him, to keep him out of Anna's hands.   So the contest between Anna and her mother Diana continues, with Diana  becoming an ever more sympathetic character.  I see an alliance between Diana and her grand daughter Lisa in the not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Visitor-loyal humans trash Father Jack's Church while he's on a mission upstate.  This provided me with an important piece of knowledge: the older priest, Father Travis, is almost certainly not a Visitor.  I was a little concerned, last season, that he was.

Father Jack's mission in upstate New York brings him into contact with Eli Cohn (played by Oded Fehr  of Sleeper Cell), the former Mossad agent.   Erica and the rest of our good guys are there, and the result is an alliance, for the time being, which will enable Erica to account for Malik's disappearance.  But not all's well that ends well here, especially with Erica now partnered with Chris Bolling (played by Jay Karnes of The Shield), on assignment to find out exactly what Erica's up to.

V continues to keep the pot simmering with stories that reach ever further into the diverse paths of human existence.

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The Plot to Save Socrates

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