Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fringe 3.15: Young Peter and Olivia

A touching, even delicately beautiful Fringe 3.15 tonight, in which we find out a little more - in fact, a whole chapter, up until now unknown - about how Peter, kidnapped by Walter from the other side, came to grow up here into the Peter we now know.

The story, up until tonight, was that Peter's serious illness - the one that killed the original Peter over here, and motivated Walter to kidnap Peter from over there to save him - that this illness short-circuited kidnapped Peter's memory to the point of making him forget that he came from other side.

That's what we thought - because we were led to think that - but it turns not to be the truth.  Instead, kidnapped Peter knows that our Walter and Elizabeth are not his parents, and vigorously resists their efforts to convince him that he really is their son, and his memory was blurred by his illness.

What changes Peter's mind?   Well, he never really does change his mind - at least, not tonight - but his encounter with Olivia and her capacity to visit the other side makes him want to stay here.  And given those circumstances, Peter is willing to play along with his faux-mother's story.

Young Olivia has seen the dirigibles in the sky - the signature characteristic of the alternate reality, along with other nice touches such as the Brooklyn Bums never left Ebbets Field.  Her moves back and forth between these two realities not only convince Peter to stay here, but give Walternate the knowledge that his Peter is in our reality, when young Olivia, not realizing she is over there, and thinking she is talking to our Walter, leaves Walternate her book of drawings which include one of her and Peter.

Impressionism and light separated from reality at its best.   But we're still left with tantalizing questions - the main one being, our Peter seemed genuinely unaware of his origin on the other side, when we met him at the beginning of the Fringe series as an adult.  So, how did he get from where he as a boy ended up tonight ... to how we first came to know Peter as an adult?

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