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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bones 6.6: Accidental Relations

Well, what Daisy actually said was "accidental intercourse" - to Bones, about what Daisy and Sweets were doing, when Bones and Booth walked in - but I didn't want to scare anybody away, so I went for relations.   (I'm only kidding - the real reason is that I'm too much of a gentleman.  No, I'm only kidding about that.)

But this was a Bones about Daisy and Sweets - about their relationship - and good to see.  Tonight we saw that they just can't keep their hands off each other, even though they're no longer a couple - that's what Daisy meant by accidental, as in not planned.  But the two clearly care about each other, even love each other, even if Sweets persists in his illusion that they're not right for each other.   And unlike Bones and Booth, this illusion blows away at last like the unreal bubble it is, as Sweets and Daisy get together after a Season 6 of separation.

Lots of good visuals in this episode, including the fluffy pink worms that Hodgins hopes are his own discovery, with a nice cut to the french fries with ketchup that Bones and Booth are consuming as they discuss the case.   They of course crack it, but not before we're treated to scenes of Sweets being sought by cougars aboard a cougar cruise.   (A good episode for Sweets indeed, desired by both cougars and Daisy - though Bones remains immune to his charms.)

An especially strong moral fiber to episode 6.6, too, as Cam in particular but everyone on the team is moved by their work on bones of slaves from a slave ship, including those of Cam's ancestor.   Putting the bones back together, and Angela's sketching of their faces, at last restores their identities as human beings which were stolen the moment they were enslaved.

But no Hannah in this episode and, ok,  I miss her - and the impact she is having on Booth and Bones.

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