Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NCIS 8.8: Ziva's Father

As I noted in my review of last week's NCIS, this has been a season for fathers and their offspring.  Gibbs and his father, DiNozzo and his father, and tonight Ziva and her father, Eli David, head of the Mossad.

The problem Ziva has had with her father makes all the other parent-child difficulties pale in comparison.  Eli left her to die.   Tonight he explains to her that he had a whole country to protect, and could not sacrifice that even for his daughter.  That may well be true, but it's cold comfort to Ziva.

This makes her protecting him tonight from Palestinian assassins all the more difficult.  Eli's in the United States to bait the trap, but these are no run-of-the-mill assassins.  Indeed, they are connected in some way to a high-level meeting that Leon is attending, leaving Gibbs and team the task of keeping Eli alive.

Almost succeeding won't suffice in this case.  If they kill every assassin save one, and Eli is killed, NCIS and their Israeli allies (Malachi - a regular, first seen in NCIS episode Aliyah a few seasons back - and Liat, a blond Ziva) will have failed miserably.

And in the end of tonight's two-part story, that's just about on the edge of where our people stand.   Ziva and our team killed more than one terrorist, dismantled two automatic shooting devices, but when Eli and Leon were taken back to the safe house, they were vulnerable to someone on our side who had inside information.   (Best guesses are the characters played by The Shield's Catherine Dent and The Unit's Michael O'Neill.)

So Eli's bodyguard - Mossad Agent Hadar (played by Arnold Vosloo of The Mummy movies) - is dead (too bad, I like actor and the character).  Eli and Leon are missing, and NCIS, the Israelis, and the bigwigs at the meeting - likely one of whom is an evil apple - have their work cut out for next week, which means an exciting show for us.

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