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re-mastered vinyl of Twice Upon a Rhyme 1972 album to be issued this week

With the release of the vinyl re-pressing of my 1972 album, Twice Upon a Rhyme, by Sound of Salvation Records just days away, I thought I would post their press release about the album ...

Label: The Sound of Salvation
Catalogue No: SOS 001
Release date: 6th December 2010
Format: LP (250 hand numbered copies on heavyweight virgin vinyl)

The Sound of Salvation is proud to announce its first release - a limited edition vinyl re-pressing of Paul Levinson’s 1972 album Twice Upon a Rhyme.

Twice Upon a Rhyme was recorded at several New York City studios between July 1969 and October 1971, including A-1 Studios, operated by legendary Atlantic Records co-founder Herb Abramson. Music greats such as Boris Midney played saxophone, clarinet, and drums on some of the cuts.  This album was obviously a labour of love for Paul, something that comes across in the music, lifting it above many other private pressings.

Paul poured his heart and soul into this album and it shows. On first listen it struck a chord and became an obsession with me. It’s an album that harks back to the 1960s folk rock sound of Simon & Garfunkel and the Lovin' Spoonful, mixes it with psychedelic flourishes a la the Moody Blues, the layered harmonies of the Beachboys, and rounds it off with a shot of Paul’s inner self.  It also manages to sound fresh and anticipates such Elephant 6 artists of the 1990s as the Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo.
On its original release in 1972 by Levinson's own HappySad Records, Twice Upon a Rhyme gained some exposure, with local radio play and reviews, and then quietly slipped into the ether.

Three decades later, in July 2002, Japan's Record Collectors Magazine featured Twice Upon a Rhyme in its roundup of American 1960s "Psychedelic Movements". The reviewer, Taro Miyasugi, said, "It's human mystical pop music... wonderful songs."
Seemingly from nowhere, Twice Upon a Rhyme had a whole new life, a second chance to impress. And this time round the album gained high praise from three of the most respected guides of underground music - Tapestry of Delights and Acid Archives (reviews shown below) and a listing in Hans Pokora’s 4001 Record Collector’s Dreams.

The album has its own page on Wikipedia.
Twice Upon a Rhyme was also re-issued on CD with detailed LP-replica packaging by Big Pink/Beatball Records in Korea in 2008 and by Vivid Records in Japan in 2009.  It’s available on iTunes (, Amazon (, and the major digital outlets.
Its songs have been covered by new voices ranging from singer-songwriter James Harris in England ( to chill house artists JhaVoice and QRock639 in Los Angeles (

After the original release of Twice Upon A Rhyme, Paul Levinson went on to become a successful science fiction writer, a noted American media commentator, and professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University in New York City.
The song titles for this re-mastered, re-pressed vinyl re-issue are below. Links to MP3s of two of the songs follow. We have a limited number of test pressings for reviewers, and will accommodate as many requests as possible.  (MP3s of the remastered songs, and CD copies of the original album, are also available.)  The album will be available for sale online and in record stores in the UK, US, and Japan.

--The Sound of Salvation
Contact: Anthony Nyland
Address: 12 Cronton Park Close, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 5DR, UK
Tel: 0151 424 4040
Mobile: 07766235392

Paul Levinson – Twice upon a Rhyme
Side One:
  1. "Today Is Just Like You" 2:45
  2. "Looking For Sunsets 
            (In the Early Morning)"  3:23
  3. "Gentle Blue Cherry Bell"  4:33
  4. "I'm Seeing You In A Different Light"  2:55
  5. "Learn To Learn"  3:25
  6. "Looks Like A Night 
            (I Won't Catch Much Sleep In)"  4:00
  7. "Raincheck"  4:12
Side Two:
  8. "You Are Everywhere"  4:15
  9. "Forever Friday"  4:08
 10. "The Soft Of Your Eyes"  3:41
 11. "Antique Shop 
            (The Coming Of Winter)"  4:06
 12. "Not Yet Ready To Say Goodbye"  2:21
 13. "The Lama Will Be Late This Year"  7:21

The Acid Archives

Paul Levinson (NY)

Twice Upon a Rhyme 1972 (HappySad - 3000)

Enjoyable but still fairly unknown LP of 1968-69 Buckley & Hardin-style folkrock with stoned psych vibe throughout, lots of warmth and personality and idiosyncratic vocals. Full rock setting with feedback guitars, organ and druggy sound effects create a flowing "Blonde on Blonde" like feel and many layers and unpredictable moves. Upbeat 1960s vibe rather than the usual 1970s downers. Highpoints include weird, dreamy tracks such as "Friday Forever" and "The Lama Will The Late This Year" (my personal anthem). Levinson is well known writer and media commentator today.

Tapestry of Delights

Paul Levinson
Twice Upon a Rhyme
(Recorded in mono)
A local New York private pressing recorded between July 1969 and October  1971. At their best, Levinson and his crew produce dark, druggy pop music remindful of neighbours The Patron Saints or bayou obscuros Feather Da Gamba. "Forever Friday," "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" and "You Are Everywhere" fit this profile. "The Lama will be Late This Year" is probably the most intriguing cut on the album, having as it does an oddly Syd Barrett-like delivery of the lyrics and some pretty unorthodox music with fuzz guitar leads.

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