Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NCIS 8.9: Leon's Story

If last week's NCIS was mostly about Ziva's father (Enemies Foreign, 8.8), tonight's NCIS (the continuation of 8.8, Enemies Domestic, 8.9) was mostly about Leon.  And it turns out that neither is an enemy - neither to the good guys, nor to each other.  Rather, each is the target of enemies, foreign and domestic.

Last week, our team, aided by two Mossad agents, seemed to have succeeded in stopping the Palestinians (enemies foreign) from killing Eli David - until the last scene showed us Eli's loyal bodyguard Haddar dead on the floor.  So did the Palestinians outwit us and the Israelis?

Nope.   The death of Haddar - and the serious injury of Leon (who was with Eli and Haddar) was the work of a completely different enemy.  A domestic enemy.

Before we find out who this, we see a series of great flashbacks ... Leon is recruited in 1991 by Whitney Sharp (Catherine Dent) who at some point had a one-night stand with lucky Ducky ... Leon meets McCallister (Michael O'Neill) and Eli ...  These characters are perfected youthed (I made that word up, to indicated the opposite of aged) - the same actors play them as the 1991 characters.   And Leon, Whitney, and Eli, especially, really look much younger.

We also see Gibbs in 1999, with a slightly older Leon, about to go on assignment and meet Jenny.   This is the beginning not only of Gibbs' relationship with Jenny, but of his relationship with Leon, which is far deeper than we previously realized.

It is that relationship which makes Gibbs especially devoted to finding Leon's near killer, and to arming Leon with a knife in his hospital room, as Gibbs realizes that Leon not Eli was the real target of the bomb in the house.

I won't tell you the ending, but suffice to say one of the above people is the would-be killer, and Leon puts that knife to good use.

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