Monday, November 22, 2010

Boardwalk Empire 1.10: Arnold Rothstein, Media Theorist

"It's the age of information," Arnold Rothstein tells Lucky Lucianio and the D'Alessios just before he takes the bros to task for bungling the assassination of Nucky last week.  And - wait, I thought ours was the age of information - I've written half a dozen books on how the Internet and the media it offers (including blogging) have changed our world - but, you know, Rothstein was right, as well, about his age being the age of information, of the dawn of news by wire, of radio, as he said.  They're still miracles even today.  (I wrote about that too in The Soft Edge: A Natural History and Future of the Information Revolution.)

The other scene I really loved in Boardwalk Empire 1.10 was the bar mitzvah in Chicago, with Al and Torrio as guests.   The ceremony and talk in the synagogue was something the Coen Brothers would have enjoyed, replete with a congregant giving Al a great explanation of yarmulkes, and why he should wear one in the synagogue.

Ok, there was another fine scene - of repressed Agent Alden finally getting some - of course, not with his wife.  Don't get me wrong, I like nothing about this guy - which is the way we're supposed to feel - but credit where credit is due for a hot scene.

Other fine scenes -  Margaret's kindness to her disfigured bodyguard,  Jimmy's boy showing him "Mommy's kissing friend" - this episode was chocked full of fine scenes, which is the case with every episode of this primo series.

Only two episodes left.   We know, in our reality, that Arnold Rothstein gets killed - but that's a few years later than where we are now on the boardwalk.  With Nucky gathering his forces, it will be fun to see where Rothstein winds up in two weeks of series time.

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