Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Event 1.9: "Native Populations, Indigenous People"

These are the phrases Sophia uses to describe us, the people of Earth in 2010 - "native populations, indigenous people" - in The Event 1.09.  Proof enough that the aliens are really aliens or EBEs, not time-travelers?   Use of "indigenous" to describe a people inhabiting a past or a future is a bit of a stretch - "indigenous" and "native" seem more about place than time - but I suppose this is not yet 100% proof that the aliens are aliens.   But if "portal" opened the door a little more last week to the time traveler interpretation, "indigenous" closed it back a little, I would say.  The Event is doing a good job of keeping that question in weekly, door-swinging-back-and-forth play.

Sophia was warning her people not to violate their version of the Star Trek Prime Directive - if you stay here in this place (and/or time), you will do great damage to the native population.  The EBEs who have spent more than 60 years mixing with us natives want to stay.

This includes her son Thomas and his lover, played by Necar Zadegan, last seen to good effect on in the final season of 24 as President Hassan's brave wife (well, I and lots of other people have been saying how reminiscent parts of The Event are to 24).   And there was more 24 stuff in the continuing saga of the weak, treacherous Republican-like Vice President tonight, too.

But the big story was the confrontation between Thomas and Sophia.  Thomas, egged on by Necar (or Isabelle, the character she's playing) is set to kill his mother, and inherit her leadership of the aliens.  But he can't - Sophia stares, talks, and mothers him down.   And then Sophia gets Isabelle to shoot herself in the leg as a sign of feality.

So as we move on to the Fall Season Finale of The Event next week - it will return in January - we see Sophia stronger than ever, the President still behind the eight-ball, and Leila and Sean still on the run.  A good mix, with anything possible ...

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