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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dexter 5.10: Monsters - Worse and Better

First a few words about the diverse forces arrayed against Dexter, brought ever closer to the boil in the steely powerful emotional dynamite of episode 5.10,  just on Showtime.

Peter Weller's relentless Liddy now has Dex on video, plotting with Lumen the murder of Alex, the last of Lumen's torturers other than Jordan Chase.   Quinn's demand to Liddy that he back off has already been ignored.  What or who will stop Liddy?   If it's Dexter, how will be able to keep that from Quinn and in turn Deb?

Chase is on to Dexter, too - he sees Dex and Lumen enter Alex's home, presumably to kill him.  Fortunately for Dex and Lumen, they kidnap Alex and kill him in one of Dexter's special rooms.  Good thing, because Chase has called Deb, and drawn her and Quinn to Alex's home.

But this was still a night of rare beauty and transcendent goodness for Dexter.  Not just because he allows Lumen to kill Alex, but because of what happens after.   Harry, Dexter tells us, made Dex think he was a monster.   But when he and Lumen make love - at Lumen's behest - Dex knows that he's something much better.  He's capable of caring in a way no monster could.  We already knew this about Dexter in the love he has for his children.   Now we see the beginning of this in the way he relates to Lumen - far more real for him than what he had with Rita.

But though love may conquer all, it may not be enough to save Dex and Lumen as a couple.  They face two villains, as indicated above - Liddy and Chase - and as Dex muses early in this episode, when seeing the DVDs of the torturing of 13 women by Chase's deranged group of five, it "still comes as a shock when confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world".

A shock not only to us, but to Dexter, who was always but is now even far more of a better human being.  Odd to think of any serial killer as a better human being, but that's always been the compelling enigma of Dexter.

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